Want to give love this Christmas?

We have lots of ways you can share the love of Christ and make a difference in Haiti!

1. Give a Tree $100

Your gift will plant a tree in Haiti and bring much needed shade for years to come.

2. Give a Goat $70

Your gift of a goat will help a family to support itself and by sharing offspring, help other families as well.


3. Give a Christmas Dinner $80

Your gift will feed 10 children a special holiday meal with chicken, goat, beef, cake and cokes!

4. Give a New Home $5,000

Hurricane Matthew destroyed the homes of so many in Grand’Anse area. Your gift would build a new, concrete home for a widow or family in need.


5. Give a Bible $10

Your gift will provide a new Bible in Haitian Creole. Many Haitians have never heard the good news in their native language.

6. Give a Sewing Machine $250

A sewing machine can give children the skills to be able to make a living when they age out of their orphanage. Your gift would help provide them with a future.


7. Give Clean Water $500

Clean water is always in short supply in Haiti. Your gift goes toward rain collection systems that help provide an ongoing source of fresh water.

8. Give a School Textbook $20

The children at many schools share textbooks and are not able to take them home to study. Your gift provides a brand new textbook that will last for years.


9. Give Haitian Peanut Butter $50

Daphney is a young entrepreneur who makes delicious “mamba.” Your gift will help her business grow and bring needed protein to ESMI orphanage sites.

10. Give Medicine $25

Our medical teams see over 1500 patients a week in their makeshift clinics. Medicine can be very expensive, and your gift helps bring healing to those who would not otherwise receive medical care.


11. Sponsor a Student $1,000

ESMI’s University of Jeremie provides quality education to over 500 students. Your gift will assist a student with one year’s tuition.

12. Build a Church $15,000

ESMI has over 20 church plants that meet under tarps and in the open because they have no building. Your gift would give one of these congregations a permanent church home (with pews and a generator) to share the good news of Jesus Christ.


How to Order

Give in Honor or Memory of someone. We will send a beautiful gift card to let your recipient know that you made a difference in their name OR we can send cards to you and let you share them with those you love

All donations are tax deductible

100% of your gift goes to Haiti

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