Sponsor a Project

Your financial gifts allow us to continue to follow our “4 E” philosophy of ministry in Haiti

  • Evangelism (Village Church Plants)
  • Education (Village School Building, Sponsor a Student)
  • Empathy (Disaster Relief, Build a Home in Port au Prince)
  • Economic Development (Small Business Development)

Village Church Plants
This is our primary focus and is our best tool for spreading the Gospel in Haiti.

Village School Building
These are built on the church site and allow us to provide free or low cost education in our church’s city or village.

Sponsor a Student
Twenty dollars per month covers the cost of books, uniform, and teachers per student.

Disaster Relief
To help meet the continuing needs in Haiti for earthquake relief and to be prepared to respond quickly when disaster strikes.

ESMI Operating Budget
Funds go towards our expenses, allowing 100% of other donations given to be allocated for specific project.

Small Business Development
Supports our goal of having ministries that are financially healthy and self sustaining – please contact us for latest needs

Rebuild Cavaillon CV after Matthew


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