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Martina and Louis St-Germain have been married 23 years and are established as missionaries in Haiti for over 17 years. They raised seven children: Krisptopher 22, Lyssa 19, Charles 18, Itzak 16, Tina 11, Elle-Aijha 8, Laurrie 7.

Born in a Christian family and father pastors, they both learned very early in life, to face the kingdom of darkness, proclaiming the good news of God's kingdom and freeing the captives. Very young, they chose to respond to the Great Commission of our Savior.

At the age of 9, Martina has emigrated to Canada, where she received an education in Science of Health and Nutrition, representing a tremendous asset in a poor country like Haiti. Currently, she is completing a Bachelor's degree in Public Health.

Louis on his side went to Canada after high school to study first Administrative Sciences and then Theology. He got a diploma in Administration and a Masters in Theology. Upon his arrival in Haiti, he began teaching at the Université Lumière and at the Theological Seminary of El Shaddai Ministries International. He teaches Greek Grammar of the New Testament, Hermeneutics, Systematics Theology and exegesis.

They undertook great achievement together. They founded the Radio Station and TV Shekina International (www.radioshekina.com), Clinic Georgy and they built the temple with the capacity to hold more assistants in the South of Haiti. God has blessed their union. They are a blessed couple and they represent a good example of love and of respect for all.

Currently, the family does not live in Haiti. Louis is need to stay in Haiti to maintain the work they have so well established together. Louis is traveling every month to visit the family in Alberta Canada (All the children was born in canada). It is not easy for this beautiful family who has never experienced such a separation before to live these crucial moments. This causes a lot of stress and requires much prayer on your part. It is very difficult!

Kristopher is at his second year in Premed in CAUC in Lacombe, Alberta . Lyssa in Education. Charles in first year Premed. Itzak in 10th grade. Tina, Elle-Aijha and Laurrie are respectively in 6th, 3th, and 2nd grade.

 Pray for courage, determination and provision which is necessary to help them realize their dream. See these orphans children that God has entrusted to them become somebody tomorrow, giving them the best treatment and the best education possible is their dearest wish.

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