Haiti Weather

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Haiti’s climate is either tropical or arid, depending upon the region of the country that you visit. While most of the country is what you would expect from an island close to the Equator, there are areas in the east that are semiarid and desert like where the mountains cut off trade winds.

If your team is traveling west to Cayes,Cambry or Jeremie you will experience the beauty of a tropical, mountainous paradise. Should your travel be to the north in Gonaives, your experience will be more of the dry desert plains with a beautiful backdrop of the mountains.

  • The rainy season is May/July with another milder period of rain in the Fall.
  • Hurricane season is July-October
  • The driest weather is in January and December
  • The wettest weather is in May and June
  • Average temperature in Haiti: 83˚ F
  • Highest Monthly Average: 95˚ F (June July August)
  • Lowest Monthly Average: 72˚ F (January February March December)

It is a good idea to pack a light rain coat when traveling to Haiti during the summer months. In the winter months you should pack a light jacket, it may get cool and windy in the evenings.