Immigration and Customs

Filling out Haitian Immigration and Customs forms

Immigration forms

Fill your form out before you leave the airplane.

Haiti Address:
Please use the guesthouse address, that you will stay at, for your immigration and customs form as well as marking your luggage.

The Oasis Guest House
159 Brochette 97
Carrefour, Haiti

Cambry Guest House
Route Kanse Airport #1
Cambry, Les Cayes

Pastor Louis’ Home
Cite Lumiere
Les Cayes, Haiti

Jeremie Guest House
Airport Road #2
Jeremie, Haiti

Purpose of Travel: Business / Ministry

Remember to write:  DAY/MONTH/YEAR

Fill out both portions of the green form. The bottom section will be returned to you. Keep this safe with your passports as you will need this when exiting the country. The immigration officer will take your green form upon your departure.

Sign Form

1. Going Through Immigration Since January 12, 2010

In line for immigration paperwork

Upon arriving in Haiti, you will take a short ride to the immigration and baggage claim area. This is the new Immigration and Customs area since the quake damaged the international airport. The area is too small for all the incoming flights, very hot and chaotic. Be ready!! Be flexible!! You will meet the immigration officer first.

Immigration officer will return passport, lower portion of green form and customs form. Put up your passport with the lower portion of the green form (the green form is what you need to exit the country) and have only your customs form (white form) and the stub with all your baggage numbers ready which is probably stapled to your boarding pass jacket/envelope.

2. Baggage Claim Area

Baggage Claim Area

Carts for $2.00 (U.S. dollars) can be obtained to the right as you leave the immigration officer.

If you request the services of the airport workers, several will approach you and everyone will want to get paid even if they only touch your bag or you. If you need assistance be ready to pay $1–$2 per bag.

Finding you bags will be a challenge if you have not put a distinctive marker on them. Be ready!! Be flexible!! A couple of your team members may want to watch the carry-on bags in one area, while the others look for the checked luggage. Your luggage will enter on one of the luggage carrousels.

3. Going through Customs

Exiting through customs

Once you’ve found your bags, proceed to the exit. Have in your hand your customs form (white form). Hand this to the officer. Someone will also be there to check your baggage claim tags with your luggage. Be sure to have this ready also.

4. Exiting

An ESMI staff member will meet you at this point if not before. Do not go beyond the gate.