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Because You Gave Generously... Friday, August 27, 2021
Friday, August 27, 2021

"I lift my eyes to the hills. From where does my help come? My help comes from the LORD, who made the heaven and earth." ~Psalms 121:1-2 (ESV)
Dear Friends,

This past Monday, as I met with the pastors in the Nippes Department, we spent time in prayer and worship. Several pastors shared how they saw God's power in many different ways. One pastor mentioned that every room in his house collapsed, except the room where he and his family had taken refuge. Another pastor said his entire house caved in with him inside, and yet he came out without a scratch. He is not even sure how he got out of the house! Psalms 121 v 1-2 has a special and new meaning for these men. Truly they saw their help coming from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth!

Food DistributionBecause you gave so generously, ESMI set up a food distribution site in the Nippes department the very next day. The pastoral league will oversee the distribution of the food.

In fact, because you gave so generously, ESMI has set up about 7 distribution points in the three departments/states affected by the quake for the pastors, community leaders and others to receive food. If they cannot come to get the food, then ESMI trucks the food to the community.

Because you gave so generously, this week ESMI purchased food to fill six 45-ft trucks and two 20ft trucks with food.

Food DistributionIn a previous newsletter, I mentioned that as I drove from Cayes to Jeremie, there was one county/village, named Marceline, where the mountain had collapsed and destroyed 90%, if not all the homes. Everyone was on the streets as I drove by...but because you gave so generously, ESMI staff and volunteers visited Marceline on Wednesday after the rain. As Madame Judith gave the food to this quiet community, the people said this was like receiving Manna from heaven!

Water DistributionIn some communities, water is very difficult to get but because you gave so generously, ESMI purchased water for distribution to these areas. In some areas, like Marceline, distribution is done in the morning and afternoon.

Food, being carried/pushed across the Grand'Anse River on a tractorIn previous updates, I also mentioned the bridge that leads into Jeremie was damaged and the problems this was causing to get food into the city. But leave it to our Haitian community to come up with a solution, and a very innovative one! Here is an ESMI rented truck packed with food, being carried/pushed across the Grand'Anse River on a tractor!In previous updates, I also mentioned the bridge that leads into Jeremie was damaged and the problems this was causing to get food into the city. But leave it to our Haitian community to come up with a solution, and a very innovative one! Here is an ESMI rented truck packed with food, being carried/pushed across the Grand'Anse River on a tractor!

Food DistributionAnd because you gave so generously, once this truck was on the other side of the river, ESMI distributed food to the people.

Thank you for making the purchasing of food and water possible, the rental of trucks for distribution, the security of these food and water as they moved from one location to another...all made possible because you gave so generously.

Praise & Prayer RequestsPraise & Prayer Requests
*Thank you for praying for safe transportation of the food from one community to another. Last week in Jeremie, one of the drivers, being new to the area ended up in the wrong community and the truck was seized by the gangs. But somehow, ESMI was able to conectt with the gang leader to let him know that this truck was serving his community too, and the truck was released! Not one item was stolen!

*On Wednesday, Jeremie received its first 3000lbs of medical supplies from GO Missions. Praise God for this and the great need it will meet at the General Hospital and surrounding clinics in Jeremie.

*Continue to pray for the many left homeless. On Wednesday night it rained a lot as a tropical depression passed over the southern peninsula. The water was knee high in some areas, leaving people to sleep standing in their make-shift homes of sheets and tarps.

*Pray that ESMI can obtain 2000 tents and 2000 tarps (15x20) for the following communities in the Grand'Anse (Jeremie) department: Pestel, Paline Matin, Latibolier and Corail. The tent should be for about 5-7 people. A sample of this is on Amazon. Here's the link. Once purchased, these can be sent to El Shaddai Community Church, 2551 Havendale Blvd NW, Winter Haven, FL 33823. There is a shipping company ESMI will use to get these to Haiti.

*Pray that ESMI can find/purchase an international, 40ft diesel box truck in the US to send to Haiti. This truck is needed to continue distribution of food and material. The rental of such a truck each day in Haiti is $2000US. A lot could be saved if ESMI had its own!

*Pray for God's provision next week as ESMI purchases more food for distribution.

*Pray for the medical team from Chicago Friends of Haiti heading to the Sud department next week.


ESMI is very slowly winding down from Phase I of the relief effort: Providing spiritual guidance, medical care, food and water.

In Phase II: ESMI will concentrate on providing tents, tarps, and construct portable restrooms.

In Phase III: ESMI will focus on rebuilding churches, schools and homes for widows.
Shelter & Home
*Tents *Tarps *Ropes for securing tarp *Blankets *Baby diapers *Feminine Pads *Toothpaste *Tooth Brushes * Soap *Gently worn clothes and shoes


City Rev Church
21113 Johnson St #120
Pembroke Pines, FL 33029

El Shaddai Community Church
2551 Havendale Blvd NW
Winter Haven, FL 33881

Old Cutler Presbyterian Church
14401 Old Cutler Rd,
Palmetto Bay, FL 33158

Spanish River Church
2400 Yamato Rd
Boca Raton, FL 33431

University Presbyterian Church
2562 Rouse Rd
Orlando, FL 32817

Contact Persons: Pastor Tresil at


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