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God's Intervention - Answered Prayers!!
Thursday, December 19, 2019

Thank you for praying with us in such a time as this!

"About midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the prisoners were listening to them, an suddenly there was a great earthquake, so that the foundations of the prison were shaken. And immediately ass the doors were opened, and everyone's bonds were unfastened."
~Acts 16:25-26 ESV
When the early church leaders faced a situation that was beyond their understanding, they prayed. About three months ago, Haiti's political turmoil exploded into mass demonstrations and violent protests that led to a complete "lock-down" of the country. Businesses closed. Schools were unable to re-open in September. Nothing and no one were able to move in or out of Port-au-Prince to other regions. We were all at a loss as to what to do, except to pray. The church in Haiti prayed fervently and relentlessly. And you, our ministry partners prayed with us. Thank you!!

Because of your prayers:...Food Distribution #1
By mid-October, our food supply in Jeremie was depleted and food became very expensive. But because of your prayers, God provided a Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) container of food via another ministry that needed containers moved out of their warehouse in Port-Au-Prince. ESMI gladly accepted this container and had a convoy of policemen escort this to the south. It took the convoy 3 days because of the road blocks, but it got there! Praise God!

Because of your prayers:..Food Distribution #2
By November, the situation was still no better but had worsened with violence and continued road blocks manned by gang leaders. People were prisoners in their own homes. Food was becoming more difficult to find in the provinces. The church in Haiti prayed. And you prayed with us. Because of your prayers and monetary gifts, we found a distributor in Port-au-Prince, purchased food in bulk and began distribution the week the US Navy was in PAP. The food distribution report was shared in our Thanksgiving Update e-newsletter.

Food Distribution #3Because of your prayers:...Food Distribution #3
We shared in the Thanksgiving e-newsletter how encouraged the pastors and church leaders were to receive the needed food and gave a $50K matching fund challenge. We praise God for the overwhelming response! The matching fund was unexpectedly doubled!! Praise the Lord! After meeting in early December, ESMI leaders and pastors began executing their plan to get as much food as possible to as many people. The pastors each received the food in bulk and distributed quickly to the community so as not to be a target for robbery.

Artibonite Department/State-GonaivesArtibonite Department/State-Gonaives
Each church received food supplies in bulk and then "re-bagged" for distribution to the communities. Photo to the left shows how church members in one community bagged the rice, wheat, corn, beans, etc, into smaller portions as over 300 people waited outside. A gallon of vegetable oil and packages of spaghetti were also given to each family.

Sud Department/State - Les CayesSud Department/State - Les Cayes
Pastors in the south gathered last Tuesday for a time of prayer before returning to their communities to do food distribution. Photo to left: Pastors with their motor bikes

Sud Department/State - Les CayesStacks of rice and oil were laid out for the pastors. Later they returned for the other items: wheat, corn, spaghetti, beans, etc.

Photo to left: Louis assisting pastor with supplies for his community.

Sud-Est Department/State - JacmelSud-Est Department/State - Jacmel
The presbytery in Jacmel expressed their need also for assistance to serve their communities. Thanks for making it possible to answer their call.

Sud-Est Department/State - JacmelPhoto to left: Packing food for the Jacmel presbytery

Because of your prayers....Food Distribution to Continue
These last three months have affected not only the business man in Port-au-Prince but even the small street vendor in the provinces hundreds of miles from the capital. Both have experienced great financial losses. ESMI's provision of food is just a small way to encourage and strengthen these folks to get back on their feet. Here's what one widow involved with the ESMI Widow's Empowerment program had to say: "I didn't know how to move one. I lost my little business. I didn't have any food to eat. Yet, my family, the Church, was with me all along the way." Thank you for helping Sr. Marie and so many like her!

Because of your prayers and your generous support...these pastors and leaders will continue the food relief effort into 2020. They have already touched thousands with their distributions. May God enable them to reach many more who are in need.

Haiti Update Praise and Prayer Requests
  • Praise the Lord for everyone who participated and gave so generously to the recent matching fund. Grateful also for the donor family who made the expansion of the outreach possible
  • Praise the Lord that 60% of the schools are now open
  • Thank the Lord that the barricades have been removed. However, gang activities and violence are still a threat. Continue to pray for peace across the island.
  • Praise the Lord that there is now some dialogue among the political leaders.
  • Due to the fact that Haiti does not have a quorum in the parliament, there is currently no government. Elections for new senators and deputies are to be held in the near future. Pray that God will raise leaders with a fear and knowledge of Him.
Special Prayer Request for ChiChi Augustin
  • ChiChi Augustin, one of our children at the Cambry Center is extremely sick and has been for several weeks. Please pray for his healing. Pray also that the needed medical visa to come to the US will be granted on December 23. Thankful for our ministry partner in North Carolina who is assisting with this urgent medical issue.

Chi Chi's Story in a Nutshell

ChiChi and his brother TiTi have a special place in the story of how ESMI got involved in orphan-care ministry. In 2004, there was a devastating flood in Gonaives. ChiChi and TiTi's father swam with them to higher grounds as the flood waters engulfed their home. He was returning to get his wife but never made it. Both parents tragically drowned and left Chichi and Titi as orphans. Many children were orphaned by that flood. ESMI saw a need but did not have an orphanage in Gonaives, only at Cambry with about 13 children. In 2005, the number of children at Cambry grew as those orphaned in Gonaives found a new home at Cambry, and later the Fayeton Children's Village was built to provide a home for those who were too old for the Cambry Center.

Thank you for faithfully praying and partnering with us in the ministry of the Gospel. We appreciate your prayers and faithful support!

We wish you a blessed Christmas
and a wonderful the New Year!

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