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Update from Dony and Sharon St. Germain - September
Friday, September 27, 2019


"And Paul went in, as was his custom, and on three Sabbath days he reasoned with them from the Scripture, explaining and proving that it was necessary for the Christ to suffer and to rise from the dead, and saying, 'This Jesus, whom I proclaim to you, is the Christ."
~ Acts 17:2-3 ESV

Paul had a strategy and remained faithful to proclaim the Gospel. He knew that only God, through the power of the Holy Spirit, can transform people's lives.

Haiti is facing a lot of difficulties now. However, we see God continually bringing people to Himself through many different means. As we remain faithful in sharing the Gospel, God is constantly changing people's lives and we rejoice in this because we know it is His Spirit at work.

As your missionaries, we want to thank you for your faithful prayers and support. God is doing a marvelous work among the Haitians. We see people coming to know Christ through medical outreach, sport outreach, educational events, as well as in the church.


A Gospel- Transformation Story
A female witch doctor, known as mambo, came to one of our church services in Jeremie and was very disturbed by the Message. When she went back home, she could not sleep. She could not continue to function as she did in the past. She returned back to church the following week. There she received the Lord as her Savior and committed her life to Christ. It was the Holy Spirit who convicted her of her need for Christ. We teach and preach but the Holy Spirit convicts.

A Few Highlights:
*Membres Eglise Reforme d'Haiti (MERH), in English, is known as the Reformed Churches of Haiti (RCH). This denomination was established by ESMI in Haiti. Rev. Acene Nicolas is our Academic Dean overseeing the leadership development for MERH. The plan is to have General Assembly in May 2020 in Jeremie, Haiti and we expect to have a total of 600 teaching and ruling elders. Pray with us toward that end as we seek to raise the funds to make this happen.

*There are now five presbyteries in development and 159 churches planted.

*The Lord has provided 12 teachings elders from the US who are committed to teach and equip annually. We also have resident teachers in Jeremie under the leadership of Rev. Getre Alexandre Petit-Frere, Dean of the El Shaddai Theological Seminary. Training is now conducted in four sites across the country: Cayes, Gonaives, Jeremie, and Mirebalais.

Marriage Seminar in Gonaives*The Marriage Seminar in Gonaives this past August was very encouraging for the pastors and their wives. Pastor David Young of Beaumont, Texas, was a very practical instrument in the Hand of the Lord. This seminar helped the leadership couples to remember that their primary ministry is first to live the Gospel at home.


A Gospel-Transformation Story
University of Jeremie students are coming to know the Lord as we teach Bible and preach the Gospel in the David Nicolas Chapel. Jean is one of those students. He serves as the government's representative in Jeremie and the Grand-Anse department/state and so is a well-known. As a non-believer, Jean wanted to study theology to further his knowledge of the Bible. In his second week at the university, Jean began to ask intriguing questions which led to his conversion last month. God is working and changing many lives for His Glory.

Praise and Prayer Requests:
*We praise God for the partnership with Give Hope Global in the development of the high school in Les Cayes. The 2019-2020 school year saw an enrollment of 900 plus students. Pray for Louis and the team as they oversee the education of these students.

*The new school year, 2019-2020 has begun. Pray for that God will provide the resources to pay staff.

*The school at the Fayeton Children's Center in Gonaives is in dire need of repair. Please pray for the needed funds to do this.

*ESMI would like to provide a meal a day in five of its schools. Pray that we will be able to accomplish this task.

*Sylvain, a University of Jeremie (UJ) graduate, is seeking to do his masters degree in Brazil and then return to UJ to teach. Pray that he will receive a scholarship to pursue his Masters in Agriculture.

*UJ's second graduation is scheduled for the last week in July, 2020. Begin praying for this time of celebration.

New Ministry Outreach in Jeremie, Grand-Anse - Young Life (YL)
Earlier this year, fourteen of ESMI leaders were trained by Young Life Ministry-Haiti to begin an outreach program in the Grand-Anse department/state. YL is focused on reaching the youth and using the schools as a platform for outreach. God is blessing the efforts of these fourteen leaders.


A Gospel-Transformation StoryA Gospel-Transformation Story
Thank the Lord for Mikenson! He is a 12 years old boy God placed under ESMI's care five years ago. He lost both parents and IBESR, the social service agency in Haiti, dropped him at the campus in Jeremie. Five years ago, Mikenson could not read, but now he is in 3 rd grade and wants to be an architect tomorrow. Most importantly, he has come to know Jesus as his personal Savior. Mikenson was living without hope, but now he has a bright future in the Lord’s Hand. We wait expectantly to see what God will do in his life. To Him be the glory!

Thank You, Summer Teams!
*This summer, we had about 154 volunteers serving in Cayes, Gonaives and Jeremie. Thanks for coming to help us rebuild Haiti! Some helped with school benches, coordinated soccer tournaments, painted churches, conducted VBS, taught in the seminary, provided medical care, etc. We are grateful for your partnership. Because of you, ESMI is making a great difference in the island for our King. You have preached the Gospel through your labor and the Holy Spirit is reaching many for His glory.

Fayeton Children's campus by the well companyPraise and Prayer Requests:
*Praise the Lord that Sherline has started her medical studies. Schneidrice, like Sherline, have been under the ministry's care for over 10 years. Schneidrice hopes to join Sherline soon. Pray that both young ladies will be well-equipped to use their knowledge to help transform Haiti for our King.

*Friday, September 6, was an exciting day when we heard that fresh water was found on the Fayeton Children's campus by the well company. The excitement was short-lived as the two wells dug are no salty! A sense of disappointment because numerous efforts have been made over the years to have fresh water on site. Pray for wisdom and the next step to assist this campus.


water business and the chicken farmPraise Report
*Thank the Lord for the great progress we are seeing with the water business and the chicken farm. Both were destroyed during Hurricane Matthew. Half of the chicken farm as been rebuilt and the water business is doing so well that there is a need to expand it with new machinery.

New Partnership: (Jeremiah) 29:11
A new ministry was developed out of Mt. Carmel Church to assist the youth in Jeremie who are aging out of the two Children's Center. We praise God for their passion as a sewing business was developed, a bakery that will be opening soon in downtown Jeremie, goat-farming currently doing well, and soon to come: a dry-cleaning business. May God be honored in these efforts to see these young people mature!

*Pray for the possibility to hire a key leader to oversee the economic development part of the ministry.

MNA Church Planting USA: Central Florida

MNA Church Planting USA: Central Florida

We praise the Lord for what He is doing in Central Florida. He has provided passionate leaders for us to come along side:Noel Jeanniton, Jean Junior Francois, and Alexandre Fredo Petit Frere. We are partnering with these men to plant vital-base churches to serve the Haitian communities in Davenport, Winter Haven and St. Petersburg.

Currently, we are working very closely with the Davenport church where there are 15 students in weekly training for the Gospel ministry. By God's grace, we hope to see this become a particular church in the PCA by March 2020. I am serving as the church planter/pastor, and as a congregation, we are in the process of purchasing land with the objective of building a facility in a timely basis. Pray with us toward that end.

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